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But you've probably realized that achieving your health goals isn't as easy as you'd like....

  • Do you find it difficult to maintain a high energy level throughout the day?
  • Do you need help creating a clear strategy for your health journey?
  • Are you wasting time with all the misinformation that's out there?
  • Do people give you different or even contradicting advice?
  • Are you confused by all the fad diets and treatments on social media?
  • Do you need an expert to guide you step by step?

Areas of Transformation

Drop Weight and feel Great

Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off? Real, cutting-edge fat loss science that will allow you to be in complete control of your own weight.

Maximize Mental and Physical Performance

Whether you're an athlete, gamer or CEO, we'll take your "game" to the next level and make sure you're ahead of the competition. Get your youthful, alert and energetic brain and body back.

Improve Energy and Productivity

Tired of being tired? Access our science-backed blueprint to overcome fatigue - and gain infinite energy to keep up with your demanding life. Without the need for napping or energy management.

Longevity, Fertility and sexual Health

Every second, a man over 40 struggles with problems in the bedroom. We support you with evidence-based approaches to issues like fertility, erectile dysfunction and decreasing libido.

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A systems-based approach to optimal health


"One man's food is another man's poison". We develop the ideal nutrition, supplements, and nootropics according to your genetics, digestion, metabolism, and goals.


We use functional medicine lab work (urine, stool, saliva, blood, etc.) to find the root causes of your health issues - and thus break the vicious circle of trial and error.


Testosterone in men has decreased by over 30% in the last 20 years. With primarily natural methods, we bring your hormones back to a level that supports Your goals.


We track and use your biometric data with the latest wearable technology to make your progress measurable.

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Steven M.


Marco knows his stuff. He helped me raise my testosterone markers, balance estrogen, and get my strength, libido and sports performance back. Anything he puts out is GOLD. Overall, a very comprehensive program - I consider it next level stuff.

Iris S.


"I went to see Marco initially to test for food allergies but also for symptoms of low energy and fatigue. Through his guidance, he helped me clean to up my diet and detox. Overall, I easily lost about 25 pounds and have kept it off since. In addition to that, his advice and counseling helped me through a very stressful time in my personal life, and the changes that we as a team made to my diet have increased my vitality and energy levels."

Gabriel S.

Medical Student

"I have seen countless doctors, endocrinologists and urologists, but no one could or would really help me in my situation. "Lab work is normal, it's in your head," they said. As if I had imagined the symptoms . After working with Marco's for 3 months, I feel like a new man. I'm finally getting my a* up and going to work out, I'm more productive in my studies, and my partnership improved too."

You're serious about your health journey?

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I'm honored that you want to accomplish your health challenges or goals. The world needs more people who lead by example in the best of health and performance.

In just under 40 years, I've had to deal with more health challenges than you can imagine. So not only am I an expert in the field of health, but I can also relate very well to how you feel from my own experience.

As a functional health coach, I focus on showing motivated men and women an individual path to optimal health. To do so, I combine nutrition, epigenetic coaching, functional diagnostics, biometric tracking, and many other revolutionary techniques to bring the body and hormones back into an optimal state.

With over 10 years of experience in health, fitness, and coaching, I support you in getting back the vitality from your youth and feeling up to your role as an athlete, executive, spouse or parent.

In thriving health


Why Health-Consulting and Prevention?

Since you've landed on this page, you probably already know. The current healthcare model is flawed and, simply put, doesn't work because it solely focuses on treating disease. It's reactive, passive, and it doesn't treat us humans as individuals. It cares about the numbers on your lab results, less about your symptoms.

We should change this paradigm, and take responsibility for our own health again. We need to be proactive, address the underlying causes of disease, preferably before it develops, and bring prevention back to the forefront. What is needed is a holistic approach to optimizing health and performance, adapted to your genetics, biochemistry and personality.

And that's why I see it as my duty to motivate men to take charge of their own health.

Men who operate on the basis of optimal health represent better husbands, fathers and are more successful in their careers. So potentially lead happier lives. And getting you to that point is why I get up in the morning.

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