What makes my coaching stand out from the rest?

In a flood of myths, pseudoscience and misinformation, my method is unique because it focuses on techniques with clear facts and evidence. No trial-and-error, but predictable results.

Here, no one will sell you the magic supplement or the latest fad diet. Instead, you'll learn strategies that are not only incredibly effective and helped my clients, but have also proven their effectiveness in numerous scientific studies. Giving you outdated and generalized health advice like "avoid sugar, drink 1.5 liters per day, sleep 8 hours" is not in my interest. There are plenty of sources for that out there, and such information will hardly get anyone anywhere.

I'm committed to providing you with only functional, unbiased content adjusted for your individual biochemistry to optimize your body and mind. My goal is for you to achieve the maximum with minimal effort. Because health and performance are not everything in life. But without a strong foundation, everything is nothing.


  • Helped over 300 men working directly together to transform well-being, (sexual) performance and regain full health.
  • Laid the health foundation for a huge audience by providing free and paid content for health apps and startups 

All of this while staying on top of the latest research along the way, exchanging ideas with top experts in the field in mastermind groups, and thus having the latest and greatest strategies available to his clients at any given time.

Marco is the founder of marcothomashealth.com. He is an absolute fanatic for male health and performance, with the focus on increasing what makes a man and his identity: power, confidence, vitality, and drive. Prior to becoming an expert in the field, he faced a variety of health challenges himself. Whether it was chronic fatigue, low testosterone, pituitary insufficiency, or hypothyroidism, or a severe fracture he never fully recovered from, life had quite a few challenges in store for him. That's why he knows exactly how it feels to drive through life with the handbrake on, letting all the opportunities pass by.

He has been involved in men's personal development for nearly two decades, long before he started his professional career in this space. After some years, he realized that the psyche was only part of the equation. After intensive study of nutrition, epigenetics, biochemistry, sports science, and health in general, he was able to develop a holistic approach that meets his as well as his clients' needs.

This broad knowledge enables him to view his clients' concerns from a holistic perspective. Developing efficient and sustainable strategies is important to pave the path from average to great without trial and error. In addition to his own years of experience, he relies on information from leading health experts, the latest science, mixed with insights from great spiritual masters.

If you would like to get a first impression of what coaching with Marco looks like and to what extent he can support you on your way to a new attitude towards life and health, then please click on the button below.

Marco at a glance

  • 15 years of experience with coaching, nutrition and health.
  • Eats more vegetables than a vegan and more meat than a sperm whale
  • enjoyed traveling and has found his safe haven in Bangkok
  • loves to run naked in the morning through the Eisbach in the English Garden
  • His three main talents (Gallup strength finder) are competitive orientation, focus and peak performance - whenever he can out-perform someone, he is on fire for it.

Education & Certificates

  • Level 2 Human Potential Coach - Human Potential Institute
  • Personal Coach - University Darmstadt
  • Clinical Weight Loss Coach - CoE
  • Science of Exercise - University of Colorado Boulder
  • Nutritionist Diploma - CoE
  • Personal Trainer License - Akademie Gesundheit